Every project needs skilled and talented hands-on workers. No matter how great the design and project management is, the build quality comes down to finding the right general construction team that can pick up their tools and complete your dream project. You need a team that is capable and skilled, collaborative, and won’t shy away from difficult construction projects.

Here at Ledgewood Construction, we’ve grown quite a bit in four decades, but our hometown roots remain, as do our roots in the general construction trade. Our team members have extensive experience in a variety of disciplines, which allows us to piece together the right team to tackle any construction project. We aim to be the construction company that our clients can count on for projects of all sizes and complexity. This allows us to develop relationships that last – you’ll always have a trusted construction partner in Ledgewood.

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"You communicated clearly and immediately about every aspect of the project, brought us in within budget and on time, coordinated patiently with the architects, subs, JCA Building Committee members, and staff, as well as city officials."

-Sherrie Bergman, Board Member, Jewish Community Alliance

General Construction Projects

There are plenty of general construction projects across the great state of Maine, but there’s only one hometown construction company. Our willingness to take on projects, not just based on profit but based on how it can help build our communities, has helped Ledgewood Construction become the go-to for general construction and other projects. For forty years we have helped build our towns and cities, and we look to continue building them for forty more!