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For project owners and design teams across Maine, Ledgewood Construction is the premier construction management and general contracting company. Combining teams backed by decades of experience with the latest in time- and money-saving technology, Ledgewood Construction provides unmatched capability and reliability along with unsurpassed customer service.

Our core value is commitment to community. By building marquee projects and helping our team members grow personally and professionally, we create a stronger Maine for future generations.

At Ledgewood Construction, we innovate – “The way it’s always been done” is not acceptable. We collaborate because every internal and external voice on a project can allow us to approach problems with new mindsets. We serve the local economy by hiring local workers and working with local tradesmen and suppliers, and we serve the community by reaching out to use our skills to teach the next generation. These are the values that have built Ledgewood Construction over the last forty years and will continue to drive the company into the future.


By evaluating and applying our expertise to your project, Ledgewood Construction can help to plan success from the start. This isn’t just budgeting and scheduling – it allows us to construct a foundation for your project that will be a stable base for everything to come. Establish objectives and make sure the entire team is on the same page through laying down specifications, timeline, and more.

Construction Management

Experienced construction management professionals will take the reins and oversee the entire project. Our team at Ledgewood Construction works on behalf of the owner throughout the project, oversees all phases, and serves as clients’ advocates in important decisions. We leverage our capabilities using our expertise across numerous disciplines to achieve and surpass our clients’ goals.

General Construction

Even when you have a design team and project management team in place, you can still make use of Ledgewood Construction’s decades of experience. Our internal experience, along with our ongoing relationships with vendors and subcontractors, helps you keep to schedules, keeps cost under control, and ensures that stringent safety policies are followed on the job site.

Historic Preservation

Whether it is restoring former buildings to their original glory or saving as much as possible while repurposing them for new use, at Ledgewood Construction we see Maine’s past as a foundation for Maine’s future. We take into account the complexities and needs of these historic structures and collaborate with artisans and experts to preserve our past for the future.

Design Build

As a one-stop for everything, the Design-Build process allows us to use our long-standing relationships with local architects and engineers to provide the strongest possible team for an excellent end-result. By building a strong, unified team and ensuring the owners maintain a hands-on presence in the early phases, issues can be anticipated and prepared for, ensuring a smooth process throughout the project’s many phases.

Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction is no longer an afterthought – it’s the new normal. While other construction companies were hesitant to invest in learning the methods and processes, here at Ledgewood Construction we dove in. With our extensive experience with LEED and green construction, we deliver highly efficient, environmentally-friendly buildings to make a positive impact on the environment and community.


Using expertise, innovation, and commitment to deliver comprehensive construction solutions that provide long-term value for our clients and community.

Capitalizing on our experience while integrating the latest in technology, including mobile applications and cutting-edge software, allows us to serve a vast number of markets with equal success.

We work with clients on projects large and small, developing long-term relationships based on partnership and trust. Every project decision is made to serve the client’s current and future needs.
Peter Benard CEO

We value our family members equally, from laborers up through project managers. We believe in providing work/life balance and you will receive that while you work for Ledgewood.

Our family members deserve reasonable commutes, safe working conditions, and the ability to grow personally and professionally. We match workers to projects to help ease the stress of commuting – something we have found doesn’t just help our team members’ quality of life, but can also help them worry less about travel and concentrate on quality workmanship.

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A Legacy You Can Trust

Working at Ledgewood Construction isn’t like working at other construction companies. We don’t want to micromanage our teams – we believe that an empowered and respected worker will be a worker who will want to grow and innovate.

Whether you have 25 years of experience under your belt, or you are just starting on your construction and project management career, we seek workers who embody the Ledgewood Construction values. Abilities can be trained and processes can be learned – the right attitude can’t.

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