Howell’s Gun and Archery Shop

A new state-of-the-art indoor shooting range.


The Owner selected Ledgewood to lead the Design/Build team to develop and
construct their new indoor shooting academy, all while keeping their existing gun
shop operational.

The 7,475 s.f. renovation and 11,856 s.f. addition includes a state-of-the-art gun range by Action Target with high tech features including target retrieval and lighting controls to mimic different situations for various law enforcement or emergency training. The shooting range has fully grouted CMU range walls with a concrete roof deck and twelve 25-yard shooting lanes.

The new space also includes a newly expanded retail space, member’s lounge,
gunsmithing, rest rooms and a classroom for various training courses.
Project Challenges and Solutions:
– Poor Soils Bearing Capacity: It was determined during the geotechnical evaluation that the soil was not adequate to support the required heavy structure.
– A lightweight concrete fill was used in lieu of gravel fill to reduce the load.
– Occupied Space: This project took place while the center was still in operation.
– Our team was vigilant and mindful of keeping noise and disruptions to a minimum during their normal business hours.

  • Owner:Howell’s Gun Shop
  • Architect:Foreside Architects
  • Location:Gray, Maine
  • Market Segment:Commercial