Portland Jetport Phase II Parking Garage

Overcoming obstacles to stay on schedule.


Ledgewood Construction completed construction of a new, 1,000-space parking garage for the Portland International Jetport. The 324,000-s.f., five-story structure replaces an older three-story garage which was demolished prior to construction. The new garage connects to the Jetport’s existing five-story garage and provides much-needed additional parking for the growing Jetport. A tight site with constraints on all sides proved a challenge. A pedestrian ramp and proximity to the terminal road, which remained open throughout construction, required Ledgewood to work closely with the Jetport to develop site-specific safety measures that would ensure employee and passenger safety. Limited lay-down area due to the adjacent terminal, road, and existing garage necessitated creative thinking when large material deliveries were required.

During excavation for a drainage line, Ledgewood discovered the presence of ledge not identified in the drawings. A six-week delay ensued while the Jetport investigated the issue and assessed their options for removing the ledge. After disregarding alternatives such as directional boring, the Jetport — in conjunction with architect Domenich Hicks and Krockmalnic, and Ledgewood — decided blasting was the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Despite the delay at a critical point in construction, Ledgewood turned over 442 spaces, nearly half the garage, to the Jetport prior to the Thanksgiving holiday rush; a major milestone date of high importance to the Jetport. The remainder of the garage was turned over in the spring.

  • Owner: City of Portland
  • Architect: Domenech Hicks & Krockmalnic Architects
  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Market Segment: Transportation