Orthopaedic Associates

Creating modern, comforting spaces to heal.


Ledgewood constructed Orthopaedic Associates’ original 40,000-s.f. out-patient surgery center, a two-story steel frame structure, with masonry veneer and topnotch interior finishes. The state-of-the-art facility houses clinical, surgical, therapeutic and support functions for orthopedics, and includes an ambulatory surgical center with two operating rooms, recovery area, physical therapy area and lap pool, and associated support systems and equipment. The combination of operating suites and pools in the same building required specialized mechanical systems to keep the pool fumes from affecting the OR’s.

After completing the surgery center, Ledgewood returned to renovate 2,660-s.f for a new spine center and perform a 2,500-s.f. addition and renovation of an MRI suite. Ledgewood completed a 41,000-s-f. addition and renovation over two phases, providing expanded space for operating suites and recovery area, doctor’s offices and physical therapy. As OA’s day-to-day operations were ongoing throughout these varying addition and renovation projects, Ledgewood worked closely with the owner to ensure construction activities were not interfering with patient care.

  • Owner: Fore River Realty Associates
  • Architect: HKTA/Architects
  • Location: Portland, Maine
  • Market Segment: Healthcare