Just like with buildings themselves, a solid foundation for your project is crucial for long-term success. In the complex construction environment, ironing out potential issues early on is key. Failing to address logistics, permitting, and more in the early stages can lead to costly delays, ballooning budgets, and disgruntled stakeholders.

At Ledgewood Construction, we bring decades of experience to the PreConstruction process. During this process, we conduct thorough reviews and analyses of your project and the components involved. This includes needs assessments, site and building analysis, scheduling and logistics, feasibility studies, subcontractor bid analysis, working with the appropriate government departments, value analysis, and developing budgets. Of course, those are just the start – every project has unique needs that can be addressed in preconstruction to provide smooth sailing down the line.

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The pre-construction phase offers the potential to have the greatest influence on a project’s outcome, because being proactive is always more cost-efficient than dealing with change orders and delays as the project moves on.
Peter Pelletier
President and Director of Preconstruction

"The construction management model is one that is conducive to better organization and successful completion of a large-scale construction project, and I can think of no better company to provide this service than Ledgewood Construction. When you hire this company, you have taken an important step towards assuring a successful outcome to your planned construction project."

-Gloria Leveillee, Owner Representative

PreConstruction Projects

Great pre-construction is not something you see in the final project – it is deeper than that. It is in the documentation, the budgets, the on-time opening, the relationships built with adjacent property owners and oversight agencies. The true sign of Ledgewood Construction’s pre-construction efforts comes when you see on-time, on-budget delivery.

Sustainable Construction

Responsible building practices are no longer an option. Every project must have an eye for tomorrow and incorporate energy-efficient designs and fixtures, sustainable materials and finishes, and construction that protects the environment around the site. This is not just advantageous for the environment, but it also leads to lower building operating costs and healthier, more productive environments for tenants and residents. You want a team that has green practices at heart and sustainability on its mind at all times.

Ledgewood Construction’s commitment to green practices has been evident throughout our history. As some of the earliest adopters of green construction methods and materials in Maine, we have learned how to protect the environment through all phases of construction. We advocate energy-efficient products, and we can provide the right preconstruction and construction support to reduce the cost-impacts of those products. We have years of experience handling the products and paperwork that can provide buildings with sustainable advantages.

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We want our impact on future generations to be positive. This means acting as stewards of Maine’s environment at every stage of construction projects.
Peter Reynolds
Project Manager

"We have been very impressed with Ledgewood's quality of work, ability to meet budget and schedule requirements, and most importantly the strong work ethic and professionalism of your construction management staff."

-Ara Aftandilian, President, Summit Hotel Properties

Sustainable Construction Projects

From Maine’s first LEED Certified Public School to the country’s first LEED Gold Certified multi-family housing project, Ledgewood Construction has been a leader in sustainable construction practices. We make it a point to seek green solutions in every project we undertake. This can range from making small improvements, such as swapping in energy-saving utility controls, to building entire projects with the goal of having the least possible impact.

Historic Preservation

Historic buildings offer us an incredible way to keep the past alive. They can be preserved and restored to their original glory, keeping them as original as possible while providing for new uses. They can be modernized, bringing them into the 21st century while retaining the grandeur and charm that makes them worth keeping for future generations. Historic preservation and reuse can be a complex task, as older buildings contain meticulous craftsmanship and unique designs that make each building truly one-of-a-kind.

At Ledgewood Construction we have extensive experience working under the oversight of groups like Maine’s Historic Preservation Commission and Historic and National Parks Services to preserve and protect historic buildings. From historic cast iron, to period-specific masonry, we work with some of the leading Maine-based artisans and craftsmen to ensure the highest accuracy in our projects. With thorough planning, drawing from extensive experience, we will design a schedule and budget to provide quality, on-time delivery of your historic preservation project.

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Maine has such a storied past – we don’t want to see these buildings brought down for a new structure, we want to be involved in showing off their bones while helping them adapt to modern times.
Peter Benard


"Throughout the project, the performance of the Project Manager and On-Site Supervisor was nothing short of superior. They were attentive, exceedingly well organized, able to astutely assess and diplomatically manage our "culture" and personalities to keep this complex construction project moving forward throughout the inevitable bumps and surprises."

-Hugh Smith, Senior Warden, Episcopal Church of Saint Mary

Historic Preservation Projects

Ledgewood Construction has been honored in the past for efforts in preserving historic buildings for Maine’s future. Tackling projects from various time periods, we have shown the ability to evaluate and restore these iconic buildings. We continue to shape the face of the state while keeping the past intact.

General Construction

Every project needs skilled and talented hands-on workers. No matter how great the design and project management is, the build quality comes down to finding the right general construction team that can pick up their tools and complete your dream project. You need a team that is capable and skilled, collaborative, and won’t shy away from difficult construction projects.

Here at Ledgewood Construction, we’ve grown quite a bit in four decades, but our hometown roots remain, as do our roots in the general construction trade. Our team members have extensive experience in a variety of disciplines, which allows us to piece together the right team to tackle any construction project. We aim to be the construction company that our clients can count on for projects of all sizes and complexity. This allows us to develop relationships that last – you’ll always have a trusted construction partner in Ledgewood.

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"You communicated clearly and immediately about every aspect of the project, brought us in within budget and on time, coordinated patiently with the architects, subs, JCA Building Committee members, and staff, as well as city officials."

-Sherrie Bergman, Board Member, Jewish Community Alliance

General Construction Projects

There are plenty of general construction projects across the great state of Maine, but there’s only one hometown construction company. Our willingness to take on projects, not just based on profit but based on how it can help build our communities, has helped Ledgewood Construction become the go-to for general construction and other projects. For forty years we have helped build our towns and cities, and we look to continue building them for forty more!

Design Build

Eliminating obstacles that stand in the way of success is something we all try to do every day. So why wouldn’t you consider methods that remove obstacles in the way of the success of your capital project? The Design-Build method, which puts both the design and construction of a project under one roof, has the potential to remove more obstacles than any other methods. By putting everything under one roof, you can streamline logistics, optimize schedules, and nip change orders or added costs in the bud.

Our family here at Ledgewood Construction doesn’t just accept the accountability that comes with undertaking Design-Build projects – we embrace it. To us, it is the best process for us to show off our abilities and find the value-added opportunities that have become synonymous with the Ledgewood name. By coordinating between design and construction teams, we make collaboration easier and eliminate the potential for adversity between the owner, design members, and construction team. We can lower costs, control the schedule, find creative solutions, and greatly increase project success while reducing risk and decreasing the administrative burden on the project owner and stakeholders.

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Clients love that the design-build route gives them a single point of contact, and can have positive benefits including faster delivery, cost savings, and reduced risk.
Scott Clark
Senior Project Manager

"You were courteous and patient with all of our requests, last-minute change orders, and inevitable delays and outstanding RFIs. We could not be more pleased by our experience working with all of you, or more satisfied with how the building turned out."

-Daniel Pearl, Board Member, Jewish Community Alliance

Design Build Projects

The best part of undertaking a project under Design-Build is the reduction in headaches for the project owner. After making decisions early on, it’s up to us as the Design-Build team to implement them while staying within the contract. With the increasing popularity of the Design-Build method, it's a fantastic option for owners to consider.

Construction Management

As a project owner, there are times you’ll want to have input, but you may not be available for every decision that needs to be made. With contract structure flexibility and clear transparency for the invested project owner, the idea of hiring a Construction Management team for your project is certainly appealing. With predictable fees and precise budgets charted through regular progress meetings, you’ll constantly be aware of where your project stands without having to step on-site.

Acting in the Construction Management role, Ledgewood Construction oversees the entire project on behalf of the owner. We interface with the design architect and subcontractors, oversee material purchases, and provide value management. Allowing us to coordinate scheduling and teams helps takes weight off owners who may be based outside of the specific area or even out of state. Using our expertise across various disciplines, we can bring our capabilities and connections together to meet your project goals.

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For the extremely busy project owner or portfolio owner, our construction management abilities provide peace of mind while still leaving the final decisions to them.
Scott Clark
Senior Project Manager

"I highly recommend Ledgewood Construction as Construction Managers. The construction management model is one that is conducive to better organization and successful completion of a large-scale construction project, and I can think of no better company to provide this service than Ledgewood Construction."

-Gloria Leveillee, Owner Representative, Biddeford School Department

Construction Management Projects

Managing an entire project takes quite a bit of coordinating. Our team approaches construction management projects with an eye on organization, laying out the project to meet your expectations of quality and cost while keeping safety in focus. Every project managed by Ledgewood Construction is managed with the utmost professionalism, and with the aim of not just building a project, but building a relationship for you to count on for future projects.