Transportation infrastructure is crucial for growing urban and suburban areas. As dependent as our country is on transportation, moving about and finding places to park is becoming more crucial by the day. From downtown parking structures and bus or train hubs to airport structures, developing the buildings that help people move is necessary for the economic and strategic growth of cities and towns across Maine.

Whether through traditional project delivery methods or alternative delivery such as Design-Build or Construction Management At-Risk, Ledgewood Construction delivers projects on-time and on-budget. By incorporating the latest project management technology and capitalizing on our decades of experience, we optimize our methods and processes to offer unmatchable value.

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Innovative project scheduling and always seeking out value-added opportunities help offset the challenges of the market, keeping projects on time and on budget.
Peter Pelletier
President and Director of Preconstruction

Transportation Projects

Maine’s population continues to grow, but finding more room to build is at a premium. With parking high on the priority list for our growing cities, multi-level parking garages and transportation hubs are increasingly necessary. Our transportation projects have helped cities grow while retaining land for green spaces and other community-building projects.

Multi-Unit Housing

Multi-unit housing is a wide description that covers everything from shiny new downtown high-rises and low-rise rural condos to the adaptive reuse of converting historic buildings into boutique apartments. The common thread is taking a space that brings residents together in close proximity while providing unique living experiences. While there may be communal areas and shared hallways, each resident can create what they value most: not just a unit, but a home.

Multi-unit housing projects need a delicate balance. While schedules must be made and kept, the longer the project takes to reach the market, the longer it may take to recoup the investment. At the same time, construction must be completed to the highest quality. At Ledgewood Construction, we use a collaborative process to keep project costs under control while eliminating schedule waste. We combine innovative design and construction technology with decades of experience and knowledge in a formula that generates project success.

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Multi-unit projects let us show that, even though you might have repetitive floor plans and similar spaces, you can be incredibly innovative and offer unique homes for future residents.
Peter Benard

Multi-Unit Housing Projects

Our multi-unit housing projects have provided us the opportunity to demonstrate innovative site development solutions and utilize green practices to create smart housing for future generations. Whether it is a dormitory that sees yearly turnover or a loft or apartment building that may be someone’s life-long residence, every project deserves equal attention and quality.


Designing and constructing healthcare facilities requires forward thinking and innovation. As the methods and equipment in healthcare evolve rapidly, so must the facilities which support them. At the same time, these facilities must provide doctors, nurses, and support staff with the functionality and capabilities they need to provide their services at the highest level. They must also take into account the needs of patients and their families to feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible in what may be trying times.

Facility-failures in the healthcare field are unacceptable, and this means creating mechanical and electrical systems which can handle the high loads of powerful equipment. We develop rooms and common areas that facilitate traffic and give staff the environment they need to provide premium care and produce projects from beginning to end which remove stress from facilities management so that resources can be best used to improve patients’ experiences. Our team has over four decades of design, project management, and facilities construction experience in the healthcare field and uses collaboration and state-of-the-art technology to produce outstanding results.

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"I'd be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the attention to detail and quality your team provided. Your project team's keen eye for detail produced a facility in which we can all take pride."

-Timothy Prince, Vice President, Mercy Healthcare

Healthcare Projects

With dozens of healthcare projects under our belts, Ledgewood Construction is one of Maine’s leading healthcare construction companies. Our projects range from building healthcare facilities from the ground-up to merging new facilities with existing ones without interruption of service. Our projects show our ability to help Maine’s healthcare providers create quality healing environments to keep our communities healthy.


The educators of today have the challenges of providing quality learning environments, integrating rapidly-advancing technology, and impressing potential students and their parents while adhering to tight budget-constraints. From kindergarten classrooms to higher education campuses, how education is delivered is changing all the time and placing new, more complex demands on facilities. You need an approach that considers and meets all of these demands without fail.

Our team at Ledgewood Construction works through every detail of your education project, from pre-construction to turn-key readiness. In our collaboration with designers and contractors in the construction management role and completion of the project from beginning to end, we consider every factor. Education projects must address the concerns of stakeholders, from boards and faculty to students and parents. Our team uses decades of experience, combined with cutting-edge design systems and processes, to create solutions that minimize disruption to classes and operations while providing realistic scheduling and budgetary expectations.

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As education evolves and innovates, education construction has to evolve and innovate along side of it. Learning doesn’t end when you graduate – we’re still developing with every project, learning and applying new methods to build better schools.
Scott Clark
Senior Project Manager

"Throughout the project, Ledgewood Construction responded well to changing conditions, unexpected events, and unanticipated conditions that are always a part of a large construction renovation project. The company pushed the work forward, made adjustments when necessary and responded to the needs of the School Department."

-Gloria Leveillee, Owner Representative, Biddeford School Department

Education Projects

Whether designing and building elementary schools from the ground up or renovating and upgrading learning and laboratory spaces while classes are ongoing, Ledgewood Construction has tackled it. Education work is one of our primary concerns, and it allows us to flex our design and build muscles. They also offer us the opportunity to integrate green construction and sustainable design to continue Maine’s dedication to projects that reduce or eliminate environmental impact.


Every city and town in Maine has structures that are integral to the community. From government and civic buildings to places of worship and public libraries, they are buildings where people come together and help to grow their communities. For projects that may be on tight budgets and schedules but still need unsurpassed attentiveness, you need the most committed construction team in the state.

At Ledgewood Construction, we have pride in our community. We are invested in our community – it’s where our family members live, work, and play. With forty years of experience in the towns and cities of Maine, we want to continue to give back, to use our expertise to solidify the foundations of our communities for generations to come. That’s why Ledgewood Construction looks for ways to add value in every community project, to ensure successful projects while adhering to tight budgets and schedules.

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Building a solid community core – places to worship, to meet, to exchange ideas – is foundational to who we are at Ledgewood. We are proud of the projects we have completed in the space, each one making where we work and live a better place.
Peter Reynolds
Project Manager

"The relationships Ledgewood built with our team made all the difference. The Project Manager and Superintendent understood how significant this renovation was for our staff, Building Committee, Board of Trustees, and patrons. More importantly, they took the time and care to understand our schedule and our needs, adjusting construction to accommodate the library's daily activities."

-Stephen Padgajny, Executive Director, Portland Public Library

Community Projects

Our local relationships and extensive subcontracting network allow us to provide project success in any community. By using providers from the community, we don’t just help build community by building projects, but also by helping to build businesses in those communities. This commitment to working with local talent has helped us to complete hundreds of projects throughout Maine.


Commercial buildings have an extensive range of requirements, from electrical and mechanical needs to specific branding and architectural demands. From iconic facing and layouts which maximize customer-interaction to robust wiring which handles the latest electronic needs, the unique demands of every commercial space require a team that can offer specialized solutions for your project. Whether it’s a single building or a portfolio of spaces, you want a construction team that provides value and excellence.

Ledgewood Construction understands the needs of commercial spaces. Our hometown roots help us to create and construct spaces that meld with their neighborhoods, and we bring decades of expertise to the table, backed by the latest in engineering and design technology. By collaborating with designers and subcontractors, we create schedules that minimize downtime to get your project operational and ready to earn back its investment. Our team is constantly on the lookout for value-added opportunities throughout the project and will go above and beyond to provide the best-possible finish while staying within budget.

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The business world doesn’t stop moving, and our clients can’t afford interruption while our owner occupied projects are underway. Making significant progress while keeping noise to a minimum and working conditions optimal, demonstrates how our teams adapt and innovate.
Peter Pelletier
President and Director of Preconstruction

"Your team's strong relationships with local subcontractors and suppliers, and its ability to work effectively with the City of Portland, has contributed to the success of the project."

-Ara Aftandilian, President, Summit Hotel Properties

Commercial Projects

From retail centers and banks to offices and restaurants, Ledgewood Construction has left an imprint on commercial spaces across the great state of Maine. Maybe it’s where you bought your jeans, where you’re depositing your check, or where your office is located. It doesn’t matter if the project is big or small, a local business or an international group making their home here, what matters is that the client is happy with their new or updated building.

Assisted Living

The unique needs of assisted living communities require a company that is sensitive to the needs of the demographic while searching for innovations for future care. You need a team that not only understands the importance of quality projects delivered on-time and on-budget, but also understands the unique needs of these facilities. This means finding a company that understands the mobility, convenience, sustainability, and medical needs that come with assisted living facilities.

At Ledgewood Construction, we design and build communities that help the older generations to tackle later life with grace and dignity. We know it can be a tough decision to move a loved one into one of these communities, and we understand that we may do so ourselves one day. Our decades of experience allow us to design and construct communities that are desirable and functional and will appeal to both the aging population and their families. From simple retirement cottages to complexes featuring state-of-the-art medical and therapy facilities, our breadth of experience makes us the go-to for Maine’s assisted living and senior care projects.

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We look at assisted living projects with the mindset of – Would I be happy having my own mom or dad live here? – Keeping that in mind means we design and build communities that put quality of life first.
Peter Benard

"We could not have selected a better General Contractor for our project. Your firm's responsiveness to our design changes proved a critical component in maintaining the project schedule and your seamless construction process allowed work to flow uninterrupted throughout the fit-up phase and enabled us to move into the completed space according to plan."

-Timothy Prince, Vice President, Mercy Healthcare

Assisted Living Projects

From nursing communities that stress intensive medical care to independent living projects that focus on helping boomers keep active as they hit their greying years, Ledgewood Construction designs and builds cohesive communities. Across the state of Maine, we have developed projects from pre-construction through completion for assisted living and age-in-place communities. From small villages to facilities offering hundreds of beds, we bring experience that shows.